The Sun, which was considered the most important deity in the Inca empire, was worshiped by the Incas; therefore, one of the most important celebrations during Inca times was that of Inti Raymi or Sun Party. A celebration to honor the god Inti (the Sun). Learn more about the Inca Culture taking part in this great celebration.


The unique Inti Raymi or Sun Party is a religious Inca ceremony that takes place every 24th of June in Cusco – Peru. Our staff will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at around 7:45 am to take you on this tour. The celebration of Inti Raymi or festival of the Sun takes place in three stages: the Koricancha Temple, the Main Square, and the Sacsayhuaman Fortress. The ceremony starts with the entrance of four armies from each part of the Inca Empire. Dancing with colorful costumes, hundred of Inca soldiers go to the gardens of the Korikancha Temple. Some minutes later the Inca Emperor, along the more important people of the nobility announce the beginning of the Inti Raymi. In the Main Square, the Inca will perform the coca leaf ceremony to be grateful to their god: the Sun. Inca soldiers, priests and people join this ceremony. As a special moment called the Meeting of the Two Times, where the Inca emperor meets the City Major and gives him advice for the future. Later, the ceremony takes place at the Sacsayhuaman Fortress. All the dancers come together in an amazing performance that remarks the typical dances of the Inca Empire. During the Inti Raymi, three main rituals will be done: a gratitude ritual using a golden glass with chicha (a sacred beberage made of corn), the continuing of the promess of the god Sun protecting the Inca People in the fire ceremony, and finally the Inca priest will predict the future of the Empire by inspecting the entrail of a chosen lama in the lama ceremony. The tour ends at about 15:30 with transfer back to your hotel. Contact our travel experts if you are interested in doing the 1-day tour of Inti Raymi. This tour can be combined with any 2017 Peru Luxe package or one of our tours such as that of Cusco, tours of Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Inca jungle, tour of lima, tours of Puno and Lake Titicaca, etc.

The tour Inti Raymi 2017 Includes:

  • Entrance Tickets to the tribune (Green - Blue - Orange).
  • Oficial Tourism Guide english/español.
  • Box Lunch.
  • Bus Transportation.
  • Transfers for all the places.
  • Pull service ( shared with other tourists)


EMEFUC offers other necesary services to attend to the INTI RAYMI, VIP confortable seats for the spectator, Higienic Movil Bathrooms, Fisrt Aid Post and police security which allow enjoy this ancestral ceremony.


The scenes at Qoricancha and in main Square are for free , to get to the Sacred main Square in Sacsayhuaman you ought to get the Numbered entrance tickets according to the specified zones shown in the chart above


  • The Green Zone (the popular one): 230 dollars per person..
  • The Blue Zone (the prefferred one): 260 dollars per person.
  • The Orange Zone the (VIP one): 280 dollars per person.

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